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  • The 2,700 Acre Time Machine Ron Alverson uses a shovel to jab at a tangle of corn stover and cobs that carpets one of hundreds of furrows in the home quarter of his family farm. Just a few dozen yards away, a house stands watch over the empty field, a perspective shared by five generations of Alversons since this corner […] No responses January 25, 2017
  • Meet the Alversons When Ron Alverson’s ancestors found their way in 1879 to a promising expanse of rich, vibrant prairie in the southeast corner of the great Dakota Territory, the United States had only just celebrated its first Centennial. Ten years after his Great Great Grandfather rolled up to Skunk Creek in an ox-drawn covered wagon with his wife and […] No responses January 24, 2017
  • Soil Design Soil organic matter is the cornerstone of soil health, productivity and fertility. If you want to grow a crop, you need it for two essential functions: first, as a revolving “nutrient fund” that helps distribute minerals that sustain the entire biome of flora and fauna within the soil and keeps life above and below ground […] No responses January 23, 2017
  • Carbon in a Form We Can Grab No responses January 23, 2017
  • How to Balance Carbon No responses January 23, 2017
  • The Pursuit of Zero Carbon Corn Crops don’t grow by themselves. Otherwise we’d call them something else. That’s where you find the difference between cultivation and foraging: work. Lots and lots of work. If you want to grow crops, whether it’s corn, cotton or cabbage, you’ll need to put in a variety of resources and effort to produce a harvest. And […] One response January 4, 2015